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Latest Fish Profile

The multi-color angelfish is a beautiful fish to add to a fish only system or a reef when caution is used. They are very active swimmers and enjoy plenty of live rock to swim through which will make them feel much more secure and safe in the aquarium. Be careful if adding more than one dwarf angel to a system as they are much more aggressive towards other dwarf angels which can possibly result in death.

Blog Posts

1. Do keep gerbils in same sex pairs.
2. Do make sure your gerbils always have water and food.
3. Don't keep your gerbil's tank or cage in the...


Latest Dog Profile

The Australian Terrier is very hyper and loyal. They do like to bark to alert you of anything out of the ordinary, such as if there is a person walking past your house, or a car pulling in your driveway. Taking the Australian terrier outside with no fence is a bad idea because of their history of chasing small animals. They do well with other pets inside the household, but male terriers often don't like other male dogs.

Latest Small Animal Profile

A skunk's temperament depends on how they are raised. Some are lap pets while others would rather be on the floor next to you. No matter what, a skunk is very curious creature. This requires them to be watched closely when roaming around your home. Skunks love to climb and are very curious.

Product Reviews

I have been using this LED light system for about six or so months on a fresh water planted system.  I'm not sure how well it would grow corals but I would assume softies would grow okay with these lights.  I like the light system over all but I would like to add another light fixture because completely coverage isn't obtained with...


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You definitely don't want your dog using the bathroom inside your home. That's why owners readily take them outside when they see signs that it's time for Fido to go. Some will become dismayed at the fact that their dog's urine seems to be killing their grass.

This happens because of the fact that urine is composed of a lot of nitrogen. If your grass is growing well, then the soil has all of the nitrogen that it needs. An excessive amount will cause the grass to become colored most commonly to brown or yellow. This problem is...

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