Safe Human Medicines for Dogs and Cats

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Drugs for Dogs & CatsBe sure to consult your veterinarian before using any of these for a prolonged period.  No advice is better than from a trained veterinarian.  There is no guarantee that your pet will do fine on these medications.  Giving your pet medications could cause serious injury or even death.  Please see your veterinarian if at all possible before administering medications.


Benadryl can be used to help alleviate allergy symptoms.


Benadryl Dose for Dogs (1mg per pound)
Weight Dose
10lbs 10mg
25lbs 25mg
40lbs 40mg


Benadryl Dose for Cats
Benadryl is non-effective for cats and should not be given.



Asprin can be used to help control pain as well as thin the blood, but must be used with extreme caution.  If you do administer an asprin you should do it with a meal to help ease stomach irritation.


Asprin Dose for Dogs
Less than 10lbs 1/2 Baby Asprin
10 - 29lbs 1 Baby Asprin
30 - 49lbs 1/2 Adult Asprin
50 - 100lbs 1 Adult Asprin
101lbs+ 2 Adult Asprin


Asprin Dose for Cats
Asprin should never been given to cats!  This causes salicylate toxicity ( asprin toxicity ) because the cats body can not metabolize the asprin.  Aspirin toxicity may cause gastrointestinal problems, respiratory difficulties, nurological problems, bleeding disorders due to thining of the blood, and kidney failure.


Tagament, Zantac, and Pepcid-AC:

Tagament, Zantac, and Pepcid-AC can be used to help alleviate stomach upset due to acid reflux.  Never give your dog more than 1 dose of these medications a day.  Also be sure to never use the extra strength tablets.  Get the lowest mg tablet when administering to pets.  Zantac for example should be 75mg tablets for the doses below.


Tagament, Zantac, and Pepcid-AC Dose for Dogs ( 1 dose per day )
Weight Dose
1 - 19lbs 1/4 Low dose tablet
20 - 59lbs 1/2 Low dose tablet
60lbs+ 1 Low dose tablet


Tagament, Zantac, and Pepcid-AC Dose for Cats ( 1 dose per day )
1/4 tablet for any sized cat of the lowest mg tablet.



Gas-X can help alleviate symptoms of gas in dogs.  In the case of bloat you should administer 2 adult tablets and take the animal to an emergency vet care center immediately!


Gas-X Dose for Dogs
Weight Dose
1 - 25lbs 1/4 Adult Tablet
26 - 45lbs 1/2 Adult Tablet
46lbs+ 1 Adult Tablet


Gas-X Dose for Cats
1/4 Adult Tablet for all sized cats.




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Great list!

Finally a list which will reduce vet visits at least a little. I have to take my pet more often to the vet than I go to the doctor! I do have pet insurance but my plan makes a difference only with big bills. I've asked my vet for some of these medications several times and she refused to give me a recommendation.

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